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Gazette to provide copy for the Northern Echo

May 6

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06 May 2015 16:16  RssIcon

The news that the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette is to provide up to 20 news stories a day to the Northern Echo, came as something as a shock, when I read it in the latest edition of the Journalist magazine, the publication of the National Union of Journalists.

There was a time, when I worked on the Northern Echo, when you were trying to get the news before the opposition, and the Gazette was regarded as one member of the opposition, even though it's an evening paper and the Northern Echo is a morning paper.

I'm obviously not sure what this means for staff at the Echo, or for the Evening Gazette, for that matter.

I suppose it's a sign of the times. Journalists are simply covering the same stories, no matter which paper they write for. However, the challenge for the journalists when I worked on the business desk of the Northern Echo, was to find the angle that the other papers hadn't. The problem now, seems to be that journalists rely on being spoon fed information, from PR companies, in the form of press releases, because they simply don't have the time to chase the stories themselves.

There's no doubt that newspapers are dying, as readers now get their news fix from various other sources, be that 24-hour rolling television news, radio bulletins, or from websites (including those of the newspapers themselves).

It will be a sad day when print newspapers become things of the past. I wouldn't like to guess how long that might be, but I expect that one day the only place you'll be able to see a copy of a newspaper, is in a museum, and that will be a sad day, especially if it is still witting living memory of the journalists who worked on them.